Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Craft Fair #3

Today's craft fair was a financial success in that I make some extra money after I made up my table fee.  However, there were some things that kinda annoyed me:

There was a blues festival that was happening at the same time diagonally from my table.  I thought this would be great because I thought I'd get more customers from the people coming to the concert.  Instead, many concert views stood right in front of my table, so anyone walking by had to go behind me.  I had to be assertive tell several people to not block my table, and while I want everyone to have a good time at the market, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for some space.  The market coordinator had to come by a few times and ask that the concert viewers didn't block the vendors and one guy kinda got fresh with her.  Ok, jerk.

Some lady took 4 pieces of candy from my craft fair booth without making eye contact or saying thank you. AND, if that wasn't bad enough, the lady came back to ask if I brought other types of candy and took a few more pieces. o_0  WTH?! I kept watching her to see if she was on her way back to my table for a third time. Thankfully, she didn't, because I would have to put the brakes on that pronto. Some little girl asked if any of the stuff on my table was free (yes, the candy is free). Can I have one? (Sure.) Can I have another one for my sister? (Ok, sure. I figured she got points for sharing with a sibling). Can I have another one? (Eh, no, sorry, we're going to have to save the rest for other potential customers).

I said good-bye to the market coordinator when I got everything packed up.  She apologized for the blues festival getting in the way and I told her it was kinda out of her control.  She asked if I was coming back and I told her that I'd check my calendar.  Sitting out in the sun in the humid DC weather is never fun, but I'd be open to coming back in September or October.  We shall see!
Julie came by after dinner. I lured her in with the leftover Starburst candy I had from the craft fair.  I don't care that she takes more than 3 pieces of candy...unlike some people.


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