Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hooray, I'm Home!

Raleigh, you treated me so well with all the food that you had to offer, but I was so ready to go home today.  I checked out at 9:30 AM along with 3 of my co-workers and we marched down to the Amtrak station to wait for our train.  Ben and Terry had business class, but Sadira and I had coach seats.  The ride back home was a little more noisy than the trip down and I had to share a seat for most of the way.  I could hear someone snoring for a quite a while.  I'm glad that the train had Wi-Fi so that I could do some work email.  For the rest of the time, I listened to my iPhone and looked out the window.  There was too much activity going on around me that I couldn't really get a good nap in. Sadira watched my copy of Skyfall on her computer to keep herself occupied.  We got to Union Station on time (even though we were a little late leaving Raleigh), got our bags and headed for the Metro.  I suppose if I was feeling ambitious, I could have gone to spin class, but I'm just not feeling it tonight.  I'll get back to my regular schedule next week. 

Check out this statue that I saw in North Carolina.  At a quick glance, you'd think that it was a real person, but it's not.  It looked like her jacket and dress were made of little colored stones pieced together.  I thought it was cool and slightly creepy at the same time.


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