Sunday, June 2, 2013

Raleigh, Day 2

Today started out early with a 7:30 AM meeting. I suppose I could have gone at 8, but 7:30 was when they were going to serve breakfast and I did want to eat. The meeting went by pretty quickly, and I was thankful that it was only 3 hours whereas it was a full day in previous years. Afterwards, I had a little break and was able to watch some of the Ironman competition outside my hotel window.
I went to some sessions in the afternoon and the reception in the early evening. I was about to go up to my room and crash for the rest of the evening, but I saw some of my committee members (2 committee members and a committee member's husband) in the lobby. They were thinking of going to The Pit for dinner. I went anyway in the spirit of being social, even though I went last night and am going tomorrow. I only got a blackberry drink, since I ate stuff at the reception. The four of us saw some other meeting folks (mostly CDC) at the restaurant so we merged the tables together.

The conversion at dinner was funny. The husband asked one of the CDC folks if he was married and/or had children. The guy said no, but he had 2 cats. My committee chair turns to me, "Oh, Tina has a cat!" Have you been talking to my boss? Are you guys trying to set me up with someone at this meeting?! Maybe if he was my type and wasn't long distance, I'd be like "Sign me up!" But in this case, mmmyeahno.


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