Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bye-Bye, Civic

Civic: Today was a bittersweet day.  Today's the day that I handed off my green Civic to my youngest cousin.  This was the plan all along: the Civic would be handed off and I'd buy a new car.  And don't get me wrong, I love my Civic, but my cousin needed a more reliable vehicle and I had been thinking of upgrading my car anyway.  After going to spin class, I went to my parents' house to tell Dad Happy Father's Day and also do a serious vacuum job on the inside of the car.  There was a debate on if I should take the car to the car wash, and the family poll resulted in a "no."

While I was outside cleaning my car, I noticed that there was a little girl sitting outside across the street.  Ah ha.  She must be one of the new neighbors.  I introduced myself and she did the same.  She must be in late elementary school or early middle school.  Mom said that she's been sitting outside a lot because she's mentioned that she has no friends in the area.  Aw. :(  I'd be her friend...except I'm not sure we have anything in common to talk about.

Anyway, back to the Civic, it was tough to see my cousin drive it out of my parking lot, like watching a kid growing up and leaving or something.  I know, kinda weird.  We've been driving together for about 8 years!  Our relationship didn't start out too strong when Dad first bought it.  I accidentally backed it into a neighbor's car.  Oops.  Heh, but things after that got better.  At least my cousin will feel safer driving to work and will not have to worry that his car will break down and become a Flintstones kind of car, the kind that you have to move using your feet to the street.

He gave me a box of Godiva chocolates as a symbol of his appreciation.  Oh, someone trained this boy well!  And I just ran out of chocolate recently so this was great timing!  He also gave me some money for the cards that I made him.
Target: The money didn't even get a chance to get warm in my hot little hand before I zoomed off to do some grocery shopping and then my favorite place in the whole world...Target.  I came armed with coupons, both from the Sunday ads as well as from the Target website.  I bought a dark pink lace skirt on clearance (and I used a $3 coupon), some chocolate (used a Target coupon and a Sunday ad coupon, some Target make up wipes (used a Target coupon), and some string cheese (because I was running out at home.  Woot.  Since I sold 3 dresses from my closet recently, I felt like I could justify buying the new skirt, heh.


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