Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Storms

Eww: As my coworker and I crossed the street this morning to our building, we noticed the yellow caution tape around it.  As we got closer, I read the sign that was attached: "Do not cross. Raw sewage."  Yuck, gross.  We hopped around looking for clean sidewalk so that we could get to our door.  I talked to one of the maintenance guys this afternoon when I noticed that the caution tape was removed.  It sounded like a truck dumped or spilled the sewage, but they came back to clean it up.  Hello, public health disaster.  How exactly do you clean it up?  Plus, the rain today probably spread things out a little more. ACK!

Ugh: I went to the post office today to mail off the dresses that sold on Poshmark yesterday.  I got all the way down the hill and I noticed a sign on the door.  Effective May 31, the post office moved!  Oh well.  I went to another post office that was nearby (not walking distance though) to drop off the package after work. 

Also, my mosquito bites that I acquired yesterday itch so baddddd!  Wahhhh!  If given a choice, I prefer cold weather over hot.  The bugs get me every summer :(

Weather: We were in for some bad storms today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The clouds got really dark around 10 and it rained for a litle bit, cleared up and then started up all over again around 3:30 pm. OPM said that we could do unscheduled telework but since I didn't have my work computer with me at home, I had to go to the office. It all worked out in the end.  (Sorry for the glare in the window.)


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