Friday, July 12, 2013


Today was a pretty regular Friday...spin class in the morning and then work from home the rest of the day.

Recipe #7 of 2013: I tried a new chocolate chip recipe.  Instead of using 2 sticks of butter, I only used one and then substituted the other one for a ripe avocado.  The cookies came out just as delicious and a little healthier.  And no, you can't taste the avocado. I gave some to Julie when she came over after dinner and I'm giving some to Meg and Robyn when I see them tomorrow for dinner.  I'm thankful to have a friends and family that will help me eat my food!
RJ: He's up to his regular antics.  Check out the dent his 15 lb butt is leaving on my couch cushion.
And when I asked him what he was doing, he just yawned and went back to sleep. In this picture, it looks like he's laughing at me.
Family Time: When Julie came over, we watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  She came with her own snacks: chips and dip.  She let herself into the house while I went to get dinner: Panera pick 2- roast beef sandwich and salad.  I also got a very berry sundae from the Costco eatery.  It's very dangerous that I know this eatery exists now.  Julie also braided my hair after the movie, fishtail style.
P.S. I'm so addicted to the game Candy Crush. Reggie, my coworker, got me hooked! Now I understand what all the fuss is about.


Laura said...

OMG I'm addicted to Candy Crush too - it's awful! what level are you up to?

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