Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ebay Sales Update and Family Dinner (Part 1)

Ebay sales update: I sold the Mario Kart Double Dash GameCube that I bought last week.  The final bid was $19.49.  I was surprised it went that high since the case showed a little wear and the instruction manual wasn't included.  Not too bad for paying $3 for the game.  I should have picked up more games at that yard sale!  I also sold the handheld Monopoly game that I bought 2 weeks ago.  The final bid was $9.99, and I spent an initial $0.50 on it.  Whee! :)

Yard sale finds: I found a bunch of vintage Pyrex ($20 for the 4 pieces).  I'm undecided on whether I'm going to resell it or not.  The pink Pyrex is especially pretty.
I spent the majority of the day inside working on a custom Etsy order (34 cards!), which was fine with me.  The mosquitoes and humidity were icky outside today!

I went to a family dinner tonight, and the group was so big that we had to separate into the adults table and kids table.  My favorite dishes of the night were the sticky rice dessert, the noodles, the smoked fish, and the shrimp balls.  I didn't eat any of the red bean filled pastries (below) because there will be bigger ones available tomorrow at the family BBQ. 
After the dinner, most of us came back to my parents' house to divide the leftovers and the adults talked some more. Julie prepped the steaks for tomorrow (she already made 2 cheesecakes earlier in the day). The adults wanted to dig into one of the cheesecakes for a "taste test." It was too yummy looking to pass up!


June K said...

Good going on your eBAY sales, Tina. If I lived in your area I would tag along with you (that is if you would have me) to find the great deals you always seem to find. I guess I'd better get more serious about scouting the garage and yard sales around here. BTW, so did you get to sit at the "adult" table or sit at the "kids" table? Food looks so yummy.

Jen W. said...

Keep the Pyrex!! Especially pretty Pyrex like that!

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