Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bench Press at CrossFit

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Bench press day for me (deadlift for the other folks)…3 x 5 at 75 lbs. Maybe I’ll go for 80 lbs next week? Coach Christian showed up with a bandaged up leg...he broke his ankle yesterday morning and it'll take about 6 weeks for it to heal.

WOD…4 x 500 m row. Fastest time for me was 2:03 and slowest was 2:11. Eric and Matt were averaging 1:40.

My abs were sore this morning from yesterday’s hanging leg raises, and now my shoulders are like AH!

At least my workout is done, and I got some meeting breakfast leftovers at work: eggs, sausage and some potatoes. We are so spoiled with meeting leftovers this week. I'll have to be better at planning my breakfasts next week while on this Healthy Eating challenge.

My coworker Reggie and I purchased our Captain America: Civil War tickets for Friday. Well, technically, he purchased them to pay me back for when I paid for Zootopia a few weeks ago.


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