Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gel Liner Empty and Coworker's Family Gathering

Holy cow! I finally finished a whole container of gel eye liner. I honestly thought it would never end. A lot of winged liner love came out of that little jar. Good thing I have a backup to open up tomorrow before work.

My coworker's dad passed away last weekend, and she invited me and some people from the office to gather at her parents' house for a celebration of life event. The invite didn't go out to the whole office, so since I got an invitation, I made sure that I went to go support her. I went to the grocery store before heading to the house, and thankfully they had bouquets of sunflowers. They made me think of her since she's got a giant sunflower tattoo on her calf. I hope they would cheer her up during this difficult time. A bunch of us from the office showed up, so we hung out in the family room for a while. We even gave ourselves the tour of the beautiful custom built home (5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, lovely patio, elevator, massive kitchen, etc.).

After I left my friend's place, I did my family rounds, checking in on my parents, cousin and uncle. My uncle is currently undergoing dialysis, so I just want to keep his spirits up.


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