Thursday, May 12, 2016

CrossFit and the Chocolate Police

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Long workout day…
Alternating Tabata, 4 rounds, Squats + Mountain climbers

1:00 REST

Alternating Tabata, 4 rounds, 
Box jumps (20 in) + OH Barbell lunges (35 lbs)

1:00 REST

Alternating Tabata, 4 rounds, 
Bar Facing Burpees + Push Press (55 lbs)
This was deceptively challenging because with the tabata scheme (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest), the workout is intense but quick. There isn't a ton of pacing that you can do. All 3 boys were in class today, which is very very rare.  More boys in class is better for everyone: more entertainment for the girls because the guys can say some pretty funny stuff and more bro company for the guys.

Whoo hoo, some gains! I think? Maybe if I squint real hard? Top: 2/3/16. Bottom: 5/12/16. I might have to retire this shirt soon. It’s getting tight around the arms.
On this healthy eating challenge I’m doing (today is Day 11), we can have a treat on Saturday or Sunday. I didn't have any chocolate last weekend because my treat was sushi. All the dark chocolate that I bought is at my parents’ house, where my sister (the chocolate police) has hid them in a safe spot so I don’t get carried away with eating the whole bar (or several bars at this point...). She set aside my treat already since she’ll be in Colorado for her friend's wedding.


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