Monday, May 30, 2016

Murph WOD and Dunkin Donuts

10:00 AM CrossFit, check! We did Murph. I did it as a team of 4 with my sister and 2 friends from the 6:30 AM class.

Murph WOD:
1 mile run (the 4 of us each did the 1st and 2nd miles)
100 pull-ups (25 per person, with bands)
200 push-ups (50 per person, I did them on my knees)
300 squats (75 per person)
1 mile run
Time: 32:29 for me, 32:59 for the whole team.

I was able to do both miles without walking (although, I did take a deep breath at the top of the hill both times). My sister, Maria (my healthy eating challenge partner) and I went to Dunkin Donuts afterwards to celebrate being done with the workout and the healthy eating challenge. I told the cashier that I was paying for the 4 of us. My sister mumbled behind me, “You mean, the 3 of us.” Oh, what? Oh, right. Yes, 3. I can count. I went with Boston Cream and jelly filled donuts and a iced caramel latte.

My parents hosted a BBQ tonight for Memorial Day. We had steaks, hot dogs, pasta salad, and corn. Robyn brought her "famous" broccoli salad, and I brought cookies 'n cream ice cream cake. It feels so good not to be on the healthy eating challenge (can't you tell? I mean, hello, I went all out today!), but I know I need to get back on track when I get back from my work trip to Albuquerque.

I lost 4 lbs on this challenge, so it's nice to see results after only a month. And truthfully, it wasn't that hard to follow as long as you took time to do some food preparation the weekend before since eating out is not so easy when you're not really sure what you're really eating sometimes.
My new shirt from Target: "Always Napping." Yep, seems about right.


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