Sunday, May 1, 2016

Baltimore Aquarium with Robyn

Robyn and I went to the Baltimore Aquarium today. My favorite part was being able to touch the moon jellyfish (they were kinda slimy). It was also cool to play on one of the interactives that my sister’s company built for the aquarium.

Other interesting things:
  • Calypso the resident sea turtle only has one front flipper because an infection forced the aquarium to amputate it.
  • The rainforest exhibit has 4 sloths, but we only saw one of them. Robyn wanted me to check out the tarantula...mmmNO THANKS!
  • I learned that recyclable plastic items can only be recycled one time, so it's best to use reusable water bottles instead of getting bottled water.
On the way home, we got crab cakes to eat there and slices of cake to go. I shared the red velvet cake and leftovers with my sister. Yummm!

Look at us, goofballs. We’re just as silly as the kids in the background.
The CrossFit gym is doing a 30-day Healthy Eating challenge, which starts tomorrow. The nutrition coach gave us a Yes food list and No food list so help us with our diets. We'll see how this goes! No ice cream/candy for a month will be a challenge by itself!


Jen W. said...

Seems kind of wrong to eat crab after a day at the aquarium... ;)

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