Saturday, May 28, 2016

Brunch with Jenny and Jessie and a Productive Shopping Day

Quads are coming in! :)
Busy day today!

I met up with Jenny and Jessie for brunch at Ted's Bulletin. I really wanted some French toast, but since the healthy eating challenge doesn't end until tomorrow, I went with the omelette (which was still yummy!). Afterwards, I wandered over to Target (bought a pair of earrings on clearance, heh) and Kohl's. Then I stopped over at my parents' house and then went to the mall near my house to walk around. I went looking for the yellow dress that I had found about a month ago. I was telling myself that if I did well on the healthy eating challenge, I could get the dress. I couldn't find it!  Oh well.  There will be other dresses, ha ha. At least I got some steps in.

I went home to feed RJ and then I went back out to Ulta and DSW. Ooo...Ulta. Fun times!  I've had my eye on some Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. They have a pretty amazing color range, and the reviews have been positive. My left hand was covered in swatches by the end of my stop there, so I had to ask one of the Ulta employees for a makeup wipe. I promise I'm buying something and didn't swatch all these for nothing! I came out with Carina and Potion, pretty much polar opposites of each other. Super bright vs. very dark.

I went a few doors down to DSW. I have been looking for a new purse because my current one is getting kinda dirty and the straps are slightly fraying. I didn't want to bring that on the work trip next week. I found a dark pink one and thought to myself "SOLD!" I told the cashier that I saw the color and had to have it. "I can tell you liked that color," she said as she pointed to my phone sitting on the counter, which has case in the same color. Heh.


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