Friday, May 27, 2016

Long Workout Day

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! I almost didn’t go when I saw the WOD (running, yuck!) but I also wanted to have perfect weekday attendance. Sigh, ok, I’ll go. It'd also save me from the grief I'd get from Julie and Maria for not going.


1 mile run 
50 kettlebell swings (26 lbs)

250 single unders

50 sit-ups

Time: 18:44

Whew, I did it! Perfect weekday attendance, check. Bonus: I didn’t die during the run. I may have trailed behind everyone, but I kept going the whole way. No walking. :D

It’s been a really good test week at the box! Quite a few folks PRed: 405 lb deadlift for Eric, 275 lb deadlift for Jackie, Nicole crossed off her deadlift 2016 goal from the white board. I'm so happy for and proud of everyone! I recognize that PRs will become harder and harder to come by as the weight gets heavier, so I think it's important to celebrate them when we achieve them.

The gym’s healthy eating challenge ends on Sunday. Thank goodness! My sister, Maria, and I have already planned a Dunkin' Donuts date after Monday’s Murph workout. I already know what I want...gimme a Boston cream donut or jelly-filled one...or BOTH! Heh.


Jen W. said...

Yaaaassss to both doughnuts!!

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