Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Brunch and New Cards

I went over to the house to help Julie make brunch this morning. Mom was actually on her way to Costco when I parked, so I guess that worked out fine since we could cook while she was out. Julie made the eggs and sausage and I made the (slightly squished) French toast. Mom was out for a while, and I didn't want to wait anymore, but just as I was leaving the house, she parked her car. She went over to my uncle and aunt's house after going to Costco. I watched her eat the French toast to make sure she liked it (she did), and then I went off to Target and Kohl's. I didn't find as good deals that I did yesterday, but that's okay. At least I got my steps in!
Ok, so presentation wasn't that great, but it sure tasted just fine!
Julie asked me to make a card for her friend Rachel's wedding and a thank you card for her host mom for when she stays at her house for the wedding. I was sure that I had lost the "you" die somewhere when I opened up the package. I even went back to shake it around to see if it was stuck somewhere. Third time's the charm because I found it! Whew.


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