Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday CrossFit

9:30 AM CrossFit, check! 6th class this week, wheee! My sister and I worked on our front squats. I did 3 x 5 at 85 lbs.
Partner WOD: each person has to do A and B before moving on.
A: 20 cal row
B: Pull-ups (with green and red bands)
A: 30 cal row
B: Lunges (I did a few with 20 lbs per hand and then went NOPE! And grabbed the 15 lbs Dumbbells)
A: 40 cal row
B: Burpees
Time: 17:15. Whew!
Other notes:

  • How can it be raining again??? 
  • I’ve slept only one night (last night) with a cat hair free pillow. He’s like “Yes, I can see you frowning. No, I don’t care.” Come on, I JUST changed the sheets! Ugh.

  • Today is Day 20 of my gym’s healthy eating challenge. I’m happy with my progress. Whaddiya know? I do have some self control. Well, except for the ice cream I had yesterday. Aside from that and Happy Hour last Friday, I’ve been sticking to the prescribed diet. Gotta get back on track today!


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