Saturday, April 30, 2016

CrossFit and New Coloring Book

9:30 AM CrossFit, check! I worked on my push-ups and hanging knee raises.
Partner WOD…Katherine was my partner because Julie had to work today.
A) Complete 2-mile Run–split up any way
B) AMRAP: 10 Pullups, 20 box jumps, 30 squats
While Partner A runs, Partner B completes the AMRAP. You can choose any way to break up your run (1 mile, 800s, 400s, 200s). Score is time to complete 2 mile run. We finished a little over 18:00.
Whew…that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. New workout top, courtesy of last night’s trip to Target.
Post-CrossFit fun…
  • Kitty snuggles…because you can never have enough.
  • I haven’t put on makeup since last Tuesday! Hello, winged liner. I’ve missed you.
  • Did some grocery shopping and went to the mall looking for a jump rope (how else am I suppose to get better at my double unders if I don’t practice at home??), but they didn’t have the kind we use at the gym. I came out with a coloring book and colored pencils instead.
I went to my parents' house to eat Five Guys burgers with Julie. I brought my new coloring book with me, and Julie asked me if I was less stressed. No, not really. That's not really why I bought it. I bought it in preparation for the CrossFit gym's healthy eating challenge. I figured if I was color or doing something else with my hands, I wouldn't be snacking. Julie opened up to the front page and colored a leaf and said that was all the attention span/patience she had for it. Hah.


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