Thursday, April 21, 2016

Volunteering at the Local Elementary School Science Fair

A few weeks ago, work got an email asking for people that had a science background to serve as interviewers at a local elementary school science fair. Hm, ok. I have a science background (chemistry), not that I use it anymore. This is elementary school science, how hard can this be? Plus, I'm curious!

I got to the school, and all the volunteers went into one room with their folders of materials (sample questions, buttons, pencils, certificates). I noticed that all the chairs were for kids. This wasn't a problem for me since I'm already short, but it was really funny to see the tall gentlemen sit in those chairs to eat their pizza.

My assigned table was a bunch of first graders:
  • What gum has the longest lasting flavor? (Orbit)
  • What’s my dog’s favorite food?
  • How do you make a pet cloud?
  • What beverage cleans pennies the best? (Coke)
  • How do you grow lentils?
I was a little surprised that the kids were not more shy to talk to me. They were very enthusiastic to talk about their projects. One of the kids was a little fidgety, and her mom had to put a reassuring hand on her. "Don't tell me. Tell Tina about your project." After a few minutes of Q & A, I gave each project a pencil, button and filled out their certificate.

I knelt to talk to the kids so that I would be eye level with them, so by the end of the night, my knees were kinda hurting, ha ha. It was both a fun and funny experience!
Yes, you do!


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