Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Crafty Project: Pinatas

Jessie's husband works for the University of Maryland. He was telling her that he needed pinatas for the upcoming Maryland Day. Custom pinatas from a store would be expensive. A light bulb went off in Jessie's head. Oh, honey, I know someone that might be able to help you out. Hah. Thankfully she had a picture that I could use as a reference. I bought some mailing boxes for this project, but since they are made of cardboard, they will require a few grown up hits to break them. I had to add the cat...I feel like that's my signature touch.
After a crafty afternoon, I went over to my cousin’s house to say “safe travels” to my other cousin and my aunt since they are leaving to go back to Taiwan tomorrow.

“Have you eaten dinner, Tina?”
“Do you want to eat dinner?”
It’s nice to have family around.


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