Friday, April 29, 2016

Surprise at Target

I decided to take a rest day today from CrossFit. I'll be going to class tomorrow anyway.

"Personal space? No such thing,"- RJ

Blast from the past: I was at Target earlier this evening, and I was surprised to see my very first boss in line too! In high school, I worked as a library page, reshelving books. Over the years, we’d chat when I was there to check out a book or return something. She told me to come by sometime because the building recently got a facelift.

There was a Target Cartwheel app coupon for Champion workout apparel and some brands of cosmetics. I came away with a new workout top and a eyeshadow blending brush from E.L.F. 

When I was in the dressing room, there was a woman who wasn't able to get out of her dressing room! Yikes! Target staff had to figure something out.

“If you ever need a job, you know you can come back!”


Jen W. said...

Oh RJ... You are some cat!

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