Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cheering Maria at Her 10K

My sister and I went to be spectators at our CrossFit friend’s 10K race. We got there pretty early because we weren't sure what the parking situation would be, so we parked and then walked around the block a few times to get some steps in and kill time.

After the walking, we went to sit near the finish line. The runners started to come in. In a random moment, we saw one of Julie's classmates (he's a family friend) sprinting towards the finish line. I went down to say congratulations for finishing while Julie watched for Maria.

We were on the lookout for Maria's green shirt, but she ended up wearing a jacket over her green shirt because it was cold this morning. At the hour mark, we were starting to wonder where she was. And then my phone rang. "Where are you guys? I saw you near the finish." We totally missed her, ugh! At least we were able to give her a big hug, flowers and most importantly, donut holes.

She’d better enjoy them now because we made a pact to do the CrossFit gym’s nutrition challenge. “We’ll be miserable, but it’ll be FUN!!!” she said gleefully. Clearly she was still running on endorphins.
Julie and I went to the grocery store afterwards to get some donuts- cake donuts for her and Bavarian cream for me. The chocolate hadn't had a chance to solidify yet, so it turned out to be quite a mess. Julie made me eggs at the house, so we had a post-race breakfast even though we didn't run. Ha ha. I went with Mom to visit uncle and then spent the rest of the day working on my office Happy Anniversary card order.


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