Monday, April 25, 2016

Bench Press Day

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! Bench press day for me (deadlift for everyone else)…3 x 5 at 75 lbs. Gold star for me!
WOD: 10:00 AMRAP

15 goblet squats (26 lbs)

10 kettlebell swings

20 sit-ups

I got through 3 complete rounds and up to 3 sit-ups in the 4th round.

It was nice to see Mona back. She's been out sick with a sinus infection. She said that Coach Rel sent her texts, and then she got automatic emails from the co-owner about her absence (the CrossFit online program will keep track of when you sign into class), and then I sent her texts. Yeah, don't be away for too long because we'll send out the search party. Maria asked Matt if he was going to be a regular now. He nodded his head. Yay for more boys in class. Ryan will be happy to have other guys to work with when he gets back from his hiking trip. It's gotta be tough to be the only guy among a gaggle of (sometimes silly) girls.

My boss is away on vacation today until Wednesday. Wheee! We got staff breakfast today, so I snatched up a bagel and yogurt parfait from the kitchen. And then Reggie and I went to Shophouse to take advantage of my buy 1, get 1 free coupon (which I later found out that he gave his lunch bowl to the receptionist and got chili hot dogs instead?!?!).


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