Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Meeting, Day 2 and Evening CrossFit

I basically came home from the work dinner last night, took off my make-up, showered and was in bed by 10 PM. And woke to get to work around 7:30 AM to do it all over again. Fortunately it was only a half day meeting today.

The 1.5 day in-person meeting was a success, but mentally exhausting. It's tough to be the person typing up the notes and/or editing the presentation that's displayed. People are all talking at once, and you have to make sure you're typing up everything correctly.  UGH. By 2:30 PM, I told my boss that my brain was fried and I was going to go home. I’m glad we got work done, and everyone has gone home!

I made it to 5:15 PM CrossFit. I must have been in a total daze because Coach Rob waved his hand, as if to say “Earth to Tina?” 3 x 5 at 45 lbs shoulder press.

Cash in: 25 box jumps at 20 inches
3 rounds:
5 front rack box step ups, each leg, at 35 lbs
10 push presses at 35 lbs
20 lateral jumps
Cash out: 25 box jumps at 20 inches
Time: 12:58

It was nice to see Jackie...I haven't seen her in a while because she goes to afternoon classes while I'm usually there in the morning. Rob reminded us to jump on the box so that we landed as softly as possible, like a ninja.  Yeah, right. I was telling Annie that I couldn't imagine being able to jump on the 30 inch side of the box. 20 and 24 inches are totally doable for me. I look outside and see Jeff jumping on the 30 inch side of the box like it's not big deal. #shortpeopleproblems.

And then I went to 6:30 PM spin class since I still had the energy. And then I went over to my parents' house to raid the fridge, heh.


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