Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Yard Sale at Michelle's

My coworkers (Michelle and Susan) and I did a yard sale this morning at Michelle's place. We spent quite a while gossiping and chatting about work. Is that terrible?  #sorrynotsorry. I made $61 and got rid of a bunch of clothes, jewelry, and other stuff I don’t have a need for anymore. YAY!
Afterwards, I went by my parents’ house to return the folding table and chair and enjoy the nice weather on their deck. Harry the Homeless Cat was enjoying the shade he found in Mom’s garden.
Mmm, ice cream.
I went to the mall to get some steps in and get a bottle of glue since I ran out when I was making Jessie's pinatas last weekend. I saw these fantastic shoes, but I couldn't decide between grey or black, so I figured I'd sleep on it.


Jen W. said...

Those shoes are sassy!! Love them!

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