Saturday, April 2, 2016

Plank Challenge Results

OMG, I was feeling so anxious of seeing the plank challenge results this morning. A notification popped up on my phone (deep breath)...out of 7 people, I was #5. Ok, whew, I wasn't last. The winning time was 6:05, and since I had a time of 4:00, I have 125 burpees to do per our agreement. Sigh. At least there was no deadline for when you had to do them, so I can do a few each day to chip away my total.

I skipped out on CrossFit and went to breakfast with Jenny and Jessie from graduate school instead. Heh. We went to Ted's Bulletin like we did last time. It was so fun to catch up! I handed off the beaded heart order, and Jessie was SO excited and pleased with how they turned out. They will be given to the students in her teen parent program for Mother’s Day.

I thought about ordering the “cinnamon roll as big as ya head,” but went with the “walk of shame” breakfast burrito instead. Yum! I walked around the nearby shopping center afterwards. Kohl’s had these really soft t-shirts, and since I had 2 coupons, I didn’t feel so bad buying them.
Lazy Saturdays are the best!
My sister brought her friend over to my place for dinner on Friday. We had a fun chat over Indian food take-out. My sister texted me this yesterday. Aw, that’s one of the nicest things someone can say about me!


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