Sunday, December 4, 2011

Craft Show #1, Day 2

Craft show: Today was better than yesterday in that I was able to cover my table fee AND make a little extra money. Cristina, my friend from grad school, came by to visit my booth and her purchase helped put me in the black (as opposed to red). There were some new vendors today, to take the spots that Saturday-only vendors occupied. The treasure box lady that had the booth next to me was replaced by a woman who sold these beautiful colorful wreaths. I wish I made more money today because I would have definitely bought a wreath and some of the photography that was being sold. The grandma that bought 15 tags from me yesterday made another appearance. She was sporting the necklace that she purchased from another vendor and showed off yesterday. She was a cute lady.

I'm so glad that I stayed for the whole time because there was a lady that came by at the very last minute and bought 6 cards from me. Patience pays off I guess.

Books: Just so that I would have something to keep me occupied at the craft show, I brought The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I started it yesterday and finished it today, with about an hour left of the craft show. It was something that was already sitting on my bookshelf. I had read it before when I borrowed it from the library so I knew that it would be a good quick read.

RJ: One of my goals tonight was to wash my bedsheets because of all the cat hair that's accumulated over the course of two weeks. RJ obviously didn't mind taking a break on my bed, even though it was sans bedsheets. I honestly can't let the guy out of my sight. What a little terror.


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