Friday, December 2, 2011

Craft Show Eve

Ahhh, a day off! :) I was able to go to the DMV Express to get my address updated on my driver's license. I dunno why it's called the DMV Express. I was there for like an hour! How is that Express? :P

Mystery solved #1: I found out who the mystery chocolate came from at the office. Since I knew who the sender was, I felt that it was safe enough to eat.

Mystery solved #2: I ran into my neighbor this afternoon and she said that she noticed that I had fixed the handle on my trashcan. The bungy cord that used to be there because of some random act of kindness somehow fell off, so I had to replace it with some string. She said that she was the one that put the bungy cord on my trashcan, but we were both disappointed that it mysteriously disappeared.

Here's my craft show inventory. Look at all the cards! I hope that by the end of next Saturday, most of the inventory will be gone, which would translate to profit! ::fingers crossed::


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