Friday, December 2, 2011

Craft Show #1, Day 1

Craft show: I had my first one of the season today. I got many customers that said "Ohmigosh, that's so cute (::touch cards, pins, tags::)" and then walk off. Such a tease! However, there were some very nice customers. This one grandma almost cleaned out my origami ornaments, an item I don't get much business on usually. She wanted one origami shirt or dress ornament for each of her grandchildren, and since she took 15 ornaments, I'm assuming she has 15 grandchildren.

Nail polish: The crackle nail polish from Thanksgiving came off yesterday. I decided to do my first DIY French Manicure, using Kristina Werner's tutorial on YouTube as a reference. Tip of nails: Essie in Walk Down the Aisle (3 coats). Over top: OPI in Sweet Heart. I think it's a subtle French manicure, not like the ones you see on acrylic nails. Not too long after this picture was taken, the manicure got messed up because some parts were still not completely dry, so I took it all off. The 3 coats of the while tips might have had something to do with it. WAH.

Nail polish, take #2: I went out to dinner with a girl that I met at the dog wash event a few weeks ago and then afterwards, I went to Ulta with a coupon to check out nail polish on clearance. I cashed in on the Buy 2 Revlon, Get 1 Free deal and some clearance Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish (5 bottles total). With the coupon, my total was $6.86. Mwah ha ha. I tried the French manicure again. Hopefully this'll stick this time around. I'm absolutely shocked that my right hand turned out better in tonight's manicure. Usually it's the left hand because I'm a righty. Tip of nails: Revlon in White On White (2 coats). Over top: OPI in Sweet Heart.


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