Sunday, December 11, 2011

Craft Show #2

I am totally flabbergasted about how different today's craft show was from last week's craft show.
  1. There were definitely fewer vendors at today's craft show, and we were spread between the front and back of the high school building. This was my third year in a row doing this show, and in previous years, there were definitely more vendors.
  2. There were fewer shoppers at the craft show. I'm wondering if the attendance of vendors and shoppers was because of the change of date or people going Christmas shopping elsewhere.
  3. I made more money at this 1-day craft show than at the 2-day craft show last weekend! People were more willing to buy more cards to get the discount, and no one made a stink about my prices. There was an older lady that came by and bought 4 cards and 8 fabric flower pins. She said that her husband had asked her to get some presents for the ladies in his book club, so I offered the fabric flower pins at a discount if she bought multiple ones. I wasn't about to let a sale walk away!
  4. I think it also helped that Robyn split the table with me to sell her catnip mice. If I had to make up the table fee on my own, this would have been a different story, so I'm glad that we decided to share. The table was big enough that we each had enough room to show off our items. Also, it was nice to have the company.
I had some visitors come to this craft fair: Mom/Dad brought snacks, a co-worker came by to say hi, and Meg came by at the end to help us pack up and go to dinner. The original plan was to get Mexican food, but the restaurant hadn't opened up yet for dinner so we got Red, Hot & Blue instead, which I was totally fine with.

Today ends my 2011 craft show season. Thankfully, it ended on a profitable note ;)


Linda said...

I miss Red, Hot & Blue! Glad it went well!

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