Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Red and White Manicure

Spin class: I spread some more holiday chocolate cheer after spin class tonight. I was able to give away the last two packages because both Janice and Nancy (TH night instructor) were in class tonight- Janice was teaching and Nancy took the bike in front of me. There weren't many people in class today (maybe it's because of the holiday season?), and I felt badly for them because they have to maintain a 10 person class, otherwise they risk getting the class canceled. At least I'm there to do my part and be present.

RJ: Continues to make my life interesting. Last night, I saw him very amused with something in the corner of my bedroom. I went to investigate. It was a bra. Lovely. ::eye roll::

Nail Polish: I wanted to try another nail polish color from the haul a few weeks ago and a new Bundle Monster image plate. The white isn't as opaque as I would have liked but I think that look is hard to achieve. Maybe at some point I need to invest in some of that Konad special polish. Base coat: Revlon in All Fired Up. White: Revlon in White on White.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

How's bout a tutioral in applying your nail polish......very pretty today, just in time for Christmas. I am stuck in plain polish, using Sally Hansen stuff.

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