Monday, March 19, 2012

Dad, Meet the iPad

Growing up, I was never the kid that had the hippest, newest stuff. My dad, being the financially conservative person that he is, didn't really think that was a practical use of money.

Flashforward ~20 years.

My dad is now the owner of the new iPad 3. I just about fell out of my chair when he told me that he pre-ordered one for himself. It was kind of a role reversal because I then launched into a lecture of "Why do you need it? What will you use it for? The iPad is expensive! You don't NEED one!" Oh well, he already bought it and it's not my money, so I'll eventually just have to let it go.

I called the house today to ask Mom a question. Dad answers the phone. "The UPS man delivered my iPad today." Wow, that was quick. I went over to the house today after spin class and found iPad still sitting in its box. WTH?!!!! I gave Dad a hard time about that. "You spent all this money on this new toy and you haven't even opened the box?!" "Well, there's more important things to do right now," he replies. He's saying this as he's reading an article online, when last week he said that the advantage of an iPad is that you can access the Internet anywhere in the house. I decided to go upstairs and chat with Mom before I tore my hair out talking to Dad. Towards the end of my visit, I finally gave in. "Dad, if you're not going to open the box, I will." "Ok." I think he was secretly intimidated by it and was waiting for me to volunteer to help him set it up.

Now I'm wondering if it was a mistake to show Mom and Dad how to Facetime.


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