Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tres Leches, Part 1

So..the office is having an international pot luck tomorrow. Plan A was to get my mom to make fried rice, but seeing as she's out of the country, I had to go with Plan B: tres leches. I followed The Pioneer Woman's recipe (Recipe #5 of 2012).  Sure, there are healthier versions of this dessert, but hey, go hard or go home, right? I couldn't get the stiff egg white peaks, but after standing with a hand mixer for what seemed like forever, I just gave up and continued to the other steps of the recipe. The cake still turned out ok. I cut off a sliver since it's going to be covered with fresh whipped topping at the office tomorrow. I think the cake itself is kinda dry, but it's not really intended to be eaten on its own. I can't wait to dig in to the finished dessert; a picture will follow tomorrow.

I went to the grocery store after going to spin class to get some of the ingredients. I wandered the baking aisle, hoping to find the condensed milk and evaporated milk because that's where they are at the same grocery store near my house. After pacing the aisle for a while ,one of the stockers stopped me. "Why don't you just ask for help in what you're looking for or do you just like the exercise?" Oh, heh. I asked him where I could find the stuff and sure enough, he directed me to the right aisle. Imagine that. :)


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