Sunday, March 11, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 8K

Meg's birthday: Last night, Robyn and I went to hang out at Meg's place...a) to celebrate her birthday and b) so that we could leave together to go to the St. Patrick's Day 8K this morning. We went to a grill place for dinner. I got a chicken wrap, which wasn't really all that exciting. The more exciting part for me were the tater tots that came on the side. They bring back memories from my elementary school cafeteria days.

Robyn and I put on Thor (I gave Meg the DVD as a birthday present), as Meg prepped her race wear: a sash that alluded to her birthday and a shirt that she decorated with a Sharpie. Robyn bought a birthday balloon which served 2 purposes- Meg's birthday present and a good marker for us running the race to see Robyn cheering.

The Race: The race was fun. I love seeing all the decorations and costumes that people put on. I wasn't able to beat my time from last year, but I hadn't really been training outside too much so I didn't really have high expectations. I clocked in at 54:20. Last year's time was 52:43. After the race, Robyn and I went with Meg and some of her running friends to a nearby place for brunch. The place looked really nice and I thought we were a little underdressed with our running tights and t-shirts. When we got inside, it turns out many runners from the race were there to eat too. For brunch, I decided on a buttermilk biscuit with pear butter and a serving of fresh fruit.
RJ: UGH, dumb cat. I woke up from my nap this afternoon after I got back from Meg's house and RJ was nowhere in sight. I got out his food from the fridge and still nothing. I put in a load of laundry. Still nothing. I started to get worried. Did he some how get out of the house? No, hah, that's stupid. I went back upstairs, and I heard him stuck between the wall and the washer. I guess he was scared of the running noisy washer and didn't want to jump up. I was going to give him a scolding, but his pathetic meow saved him from that. He was rather dusty, yuck.


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