Saturday, January 5, 2013

Patience is a virtue.

I feel like I need a reset button to my day.

I was on my way to my friend Cristina's house for a potluck with some other friends from graduate school, and I got a little lost.  The street that I was on was a dead end to someone's driveway/house.  If that wasn't scary enough, as I was approaching the house, I noticed two big dogs in the yard, unleashed.  I backed up slowly so that I could turn around, and the back of my car tapped the lamp post, causing it to lean a little.  A big older guy came out of the house, "I can't believe you knocked into my lamp!"  Ugh, great.  I got out of the car and he proceeded to get very stern with me.  I profusely apologized and automatically offered to pay for the damage, but he proceeded to rant.  Ok, do you think I did that on purpose?  I'm already lost and late.  What else do you want me to do?  I was trying to be careful so that I didn't hit your dogs with my car.  Whatever I said (which is a blur to me at the moment)  seemed to calm him down enough to help me guide my car so that I could be on my way.

This whole situation didn't really upset me until I got home.  I don't really deal well when I get the sense that I'm backed into a corner.  Anyway, I feel like I learned a valuable lesson today.  If I should ever be in that situation again and the roles were reversed, I would know how NOT to act.  Everybody makes mistakes!

It also didn't help that a cab driver got fresh with me at the gas station for taking longer than normal to pull out of the gas station pump when I was finished filling up.  I was getting my GPS ready for my trip to Cristina's place.  It's not like there weren't other gas pumps that were free!  RAWR.

It's situations like these that really test my faith in people.  However, tomorrow's another day to get it right.  I'll try to make it to spin class in the morning.  Maybe the endorphins will perk me up.

On a brighter note, the potluck was fun.  My contribution was Banana-Black Bean Empañadas.  Cristina was gave us a tour of her house, which was beautiful.  She also let us know that she's expecting in June...identical twin boys!!


Jen W. said...

It's days like this that make me never want to leave the house. I hope tomorrow is better for you!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Yeah...I have a stamp that says "It's a Jungle out there" Sometimes I hate leaving home. Seems to be getting harder to live and deal with the pressures of life. Not so simple any more.

Was putting my cillendar in the shoot and pressing the button and another car drove up.... I waiting, waiting, waiting...that teller took the other car first!!! The car drove off and there I was still waiting.

Thats like if I was standing in line and the person steped in front of me....HEY I was here first!!!

So instead of staying calm I hollored at her from my car...I was a little bit upset. I don't usually do things like that, but this time, I just did not think that was right...Usually I take it on the chin and say "oh THAT'S OKAY" not this time, I laid into her and said "why did you take them first? I was here before them" She said Oh I am sorry! (yeah right....)

Next time I will go in to the bank to pay my bill, probably get out faster and won't be wasting precious gas. Gosh I hope 2013 get's a little bit better then it started.

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