Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fresh Haircut

Wacky Weather:  While I got a delayed opening on Monday, we experienced high 60-degree weather Wednesday.  Today, we were back to breezy and cold.  At least spring is around the corner!

At the office: I heard from the reviewer about the article that I submitted back in August.  Most of the comments were easy to fix, but some are going to require a little more thinking.  The editors want some measurable results.  How do you measure "awareness" or "increased interest"?  Fortunately, I have until March 1 to think of something.  My boss, who's actually on vacation in Florida, called me up this morning to talk about the article and comments.  I guess she wanted to prevent any premature panic.  I thought it was thoughtful, but I really think I could have held off on the panic until Monday when she's back.

Fresh haircut: I zipped out after lunch to get a haircut.  I was very impressed by the hair stylist because I basically showed her a picture of a haircut I got in March 2012 and asked her to duplicate it.  Yep, she did and got a nice tip.  Thank you, Hair Cuttery.


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