Saturday, September 21, 2013

Domestic Day In

I did my weekly grocery shopping last night, which was perfect for my domestic day in today.  I baked mushrooms last night and baked avocado chocolate chip cookies to share with my friends Meg and Robyn later and roasted sweet potatoes in the oven with salt, pepper, oregano and cayenne pepper (so delicious, healthy, easy and budget excellent combination!). 
For dinner, Meg, Robyn and I went to Piola.  I got the chicken parmasean.  We also enjoyed a carafe of red wine sangria and the waiter gave us a free sampling of "sgroppino al limone" (lemon gelato and Vodka).  Everything was delicious!  When we got back to Meg's place, we looked at all the loot each of us got for a friend that's going through a hard time right now at school.  There's not much we can do from this far away, but at least we can give her some fun stuff that will hopefully cheer her up.


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