Friday, September 6, 2013

Day Off Redo

Because of my mental funk last weekend, I wasn't able to enjoy my days off.  Time for a redo since it got kinda resolved this week

First off, I sent my boss and big boss an email this morning, thanking them for the raise.  I also mentioned in the email that Dad suggested that I put the extra money towards my retirement fund.  So boringgg.  I got a reply email from the big boss.
We Dads take a class in boringggg. Just ask my daughter and son. It is what we do, who we are. Once upon a time we were footloose and fancy free, but then we got married to women who made honest, responsible citizens out of us. So here we are. But as your big boss with no fatherly responsibilities in your case, I say reward yourself with something you like. Then put aside the extra into your retirement fund. Have a good weekend. Eric
 Bah ha. :)

Today's accomplishments:
  • Got cash from the ATM
  • Gassed up my car
  • Got eyebrows waxed (yes, very important...)
  • Went to a yard sale because they had video games listed.  Came back with nothing because their prices were too expensive.
  • Went to Goodwill and found a Nintendo GameCube with 4 controllers for reselling on Ebay ($17.06 total).  I was in luck because they had 25% off electronics today.  Unfortunately, the girl only gave me the discount on one item.  The good news is that I checked the receipt before I left the store.  They had to call in the manager.  "Well, we can give you store credit." o_0 What?  Oh, hailllno.  You're misunderstanding.  I'm not returning anything.  Your girl messed up.  I just paid for this stuff!  You owe me cash...whatever the difference was.  I was prepared to put out a big stink, but the guy was able to figure it out and give me my money back.
  • Went to Home Depot to pick up the ceiling fan blades that I bought to replace the blade that broke off.  I'm excited to see how much the controllers go for.  From the research that I did online, they are more valuable than the console.  I can't even test the console since I don't have an A/V cord.  I guess I can sell it "as is." 
  • Got lunch at Five Guys.  Mmm...burger.  The one that I got had a double patty.  Whoops, I think I should have ordered the little burger.  I forgot how big these portions are.  The cashier was probably thinking, "Wow, this girl can eat."
  • Tackled the ceiling fan.  Upon closer inspection, I realized I screwed the screws upside down when I tried to fix it last weekend!!!  UGH.  SIGH.  I could have been able to fix this problem if only I looked at the attachments more closely.  Oh well.  I was able to reattach the original ceiling fan blade using a new ceiling fan blade arm.  Fortunately, Home Depot has a forgiving return policy for (silly) instances like this.
So sad, but at least it's all better now!
My coworker is doing a yard sale tomorrow. She wanted to know if I wanted to partake in it and I said yes. Fingers crossed that I can make some money tomorrow and find homes for my unwanted things.


June K said...

Good luck on your yard sale tomorrow, Tina.

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