Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saying Good-bye to a Friend

Saying good-bye to a friend: I was sitting on my couch last night and my sister sent me an IM.  A former neighbor left a voicemail for Dad saying that the neighbor's mother-in-law had passed away last week and the family was coming down to Maryland to bury her with her husband.  We have known this family for a very long time.  Both the mother-in-law and father-in-law had lived in the house across the street from my parents in the 1980s.  I remember going across the street to hang out with them after dinner.  French Papa sat outside in front of his house in his chair. The house was eventually passed down to the daughter and her family and they were super nice.  Dad had been a pallbearer at the father-in-law's funeral when he passed away in 1990.   The family (French Mama, her daughter, and the rest of the daughter's family) moved to New York around 15 years ago, but they still kept in touch via Christmas cards.  It was sad that we had to see them again under these circumstances, but if there's one thing about being friends, it's that you show up.  The urn that the put French Mama's ashes in was very pretty.  It was a dusty rose color with flowers on it.  The attendees were given pink roses to surround her with at the end.  :'(

I ended up telling my co-worker that I had to bail on her yard sale and I got an email later saying that she totally understood.  She'll be holding one next weekend, so I'm planning to jump in on that.

Yard sale finds: I went to a yard sale not too far away from my parents' house and found a few Nintendo DS games for reselling.  3 games at $5 each= $15.  I was kinda surprised that the owner wasn't going to give me a deal since I bought more than one.  They also had some Nintendo DSs for sale, but they were $20 and $25.  Nope, sorry.  In retrospect, I probably should have walked away with nothing, but we'll see how these games do on Ebay.

Some lady at this yard sale was trying to get a better deal on some purses that were available.  You could tell that the husband was getting a little annoyed.  Hey, I like to get a good deal, but if you're not careful, you could cross a line and become rude.
Family/food: On my way home from my parents' house after the burial ceremony, I went to Starbucks and got an iced pumpkin spiced latte, yum!  Later on, Julie came over for Indian food.  Double yum!


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