Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Teleworking, Day 6

At the office: Today is Day 6 of teleworking.  I don't count last Friday or this Monday because those were days that I didn't work.  I dunno.  It's been weird being at home.  A few days, I haven't really left the house unless to check the mail.  Everything I need is at home: food, computer and spin bike.  I know, that sounds terrible and isolating...and it kinda is.  I went to the office on Tuesday to check the mail, but even then, most of the people that were at the office were in a meeting so I didn't really get to "hang" with anyone.  With that said, it has been nice to spend the extra time with RJ and having laundry and the dishes done all the time.  Chores are what I do when taking breaks.  How sad.  :P
Ebay Updates: I sold a lot of 3 Wii games that I didn't want anymore for $9.99.  Over the weekend I sold 4 new tubes of Estee Lauder trial size mascaras that my aunt gave me but didn't use for $16.49.  People are looking for all kinds of stuff on Ebay apparently...


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Actually...sounds kind of nice, to be able to work at home and still make money doing it. I had wished I could have had a job like that. But if you are a people person, which it sounds like you are....guess it would be hard.

I need to get back on my stationary bike again. I guess it was really helping, but I did not see the results. Since I have stopped, I have gained weight and my stomach got bigger...yuke!

So yes, I guess riding the bike helps!!!

RJ must have been praying "kitty prayers" cause he wanted his mom home to keep him company :)

Have a great day!!!

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