Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Mail Received

The care package that Meg, Robyn and I put together last weekend for our friend Page was well received.  We even got a group text message with Page with a picture of her trying to match which gifts came from which person (per challenge in the card that we gave her).  With a little help, she was able to separate the gifts into 2 piles that matched the right person.  You'll notice that this card that I made a few weeks ago was included in the box.  My items are the ones on the right: lemon scented lotion from Bath and Body Works, chocolate, Swedish fish, pearl and silver earrings, a cat toy and a lint roller (since she recently got a cat).  Meg's stuff is on the left and if you move the tube of tea to the center, that would make Robyn's contributions complete.
Currently enjoying TheSchuermanShow on YouTube.  What a cute little family!  I wondered why Jay (the father of the family) seemed to be around all the time.  Ah, it's because he doesn't work anymore.  All the family's income is through YouTube.  That's amazing!


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

What nice friends you are :)

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