Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lunch with Jessie

I met up with Jessie (friend from graduate school) for lunch today at Panera.  This was a great opportunity to catch up since I briefly saw her at her daughter's baptism not too long ago.  I talked about my teleworking situation and she was funny.  "Oh, it's like your on maternity leave."  Well, kinda.  Except I'm not pregnant and I have to do work.  Ha ha.  It's more like house arrest.  This is Day 3 of teleworking and the first day I put on real clothes and makeup this week.  RJ's been enjoying the extra attention.

I've been checking some data sets for work and been finding mistakes in it.  I've told that department's director about it and I know that she's not happy about it since it was her direct report that gave me the data set.  I'm frustrated.  She's frustrated.  The three of us have a call about it tomorrow morning.  I'm really dreading it because I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but these mistakes can't keep happening.  I hope the director takes the lead on that call because I don't want to.  Ugh, if I have to double check your work because I don't trust you, that leaves me less time to do the stuff that I want/need to get done.  I just want the problem to go away!  Make it stoppppp.

I ordered some ceiling fan arms from Home Depot and I got an email today saying that they shipped.  At least I can fix that problem.


June K said...

I bet RJ is just loving having you home. It's like a weekend for him all week now. :)
I know what you mean about finding others' mistakes. It's like it's not my job to fix someone else's mistake but then again I can't just sit and close my eyes and not have it correct for the company's sake.

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