Sunday, August 4, 2013

Goodwill Finds

Before I get into my Goodwill finds, I forgot to share this last week.  When my Japanese uncle came to visit the house after the family BBQ last Sunday, he saw that I had a lot of cards with origami on them.  He asked me for a sheet of paper so that he could fold me an origami dog.  This is what he came up with from memory.  So cute!  I hadn't seen that design before, but I'm afraid that if I took it apart to investigate, I wouldn't be able to fold it back together.
After going to spin class this morning, I wandered over to Goodwill and I found a blast from the past, an old Nintendo Entertainment System, for $9.95.  It's seen better days, but it came with 2 controllers and there were lots of games there for $1.  Vintage NES games, the good ones, still have some value to them so it'd be worth a try to resell these games.  The console didn't come with a power supply, so I had to buy one at a video game store.  The guy plugged it in and there was a blinking light, which translated to the console not being able to read games.  He said that it wouldn't be worth getting the power supply.  I went back to my car and debated if it'd be worth the risk anyway.  This was an older machine, so it'd probably require some jiggling around and cleaning.  I went back inside and got the AC adapter anyway.  The guy probably thought I was weird, but I was on a mission!  After some major game cleaning (thank you, YouTube), I got all the games to work!  It was like a miracle or something because these games were dirty!  Anyway, this was a fun little afternoon project.  If I could sell a few of the games, it'd totally pay for this haul.

Oh, I also sold my old Sony Walkman on Ebay today.  With my iPhone, no need for a cassette player anymore!


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Cool finds, Tina.

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