Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ebay Sales Update

Today started out productive by going to spin class and then I took a long nap and then I used the energy that I had all of a sudden to clean the house: vacuum, laundry, and dusting. Fun fun.

Ebay Sales Update: After relisting it a few times, I finally sold the Dance Dance Revolution Wii game that I bought at a garage sale for $1.  Sold it for $1.80.  I didn't have the game pad that you're supposed to use with it.  Otherwise, I think I could have gotten more.  When I tested it out on my Wii, the graphics weren't that sophisticated looking.  I'm glad to get that game out of my house.

I also sold the 2 Sizzix/Tim Holtz rosette dies that I bought at a craft yard sale last year.  I had intentions of buying the extended plates, but I found out later that they were expensive!  Ugh, forget it.  If I feel like putting rosettes on my cards, I'll cut strips of paper and use my scoring board to make the indentations.  It's more work, but far more economical.  Bought for $10 for the 2 of them and sold for $19.99.

I have a bag of 5 packages to take to the post office tomorrow.  Possibly 6 if the buyer of these dies pays me before I leave the house.  Fingers crossed.


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