Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ebay Sales Update, Yard Sale Finds and Alexandria Restaurant Week

Ebay Sales Update: I listed and sold some Hallmark pins that I had in my closet within an hour last night.  5 pins for $7.99.  I guess some collector out there really wanted them.
I sold 2 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games that I bought at Goodwill earlier in the month.  Bought for $1.90 (95 cents each).  Sold the lot for $24.59.
I sold the TI-82 calculator that I bought at Goodwill after having relisted it a few times.  Bought for $2.95.  Sold for $13.99

Yard Sale Haul: I went to a house just down the hill from me and this was the only yard sale that I went to today.  I had been eyeing this listing for a few days because this guy was moving cross-country and wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff, one of them being his spin bike.  Ooo, interesting.  I rang the doorbell and the guy was very welcoming.  His wife or girlfriend was in the kitchen cleaning up some stuff.  "Are you looking for anything in particular?"  Yes, your spin bike.  I saw it in the listing.  "Oh, yeah!  It's great!  Here, do you want to test it out?  I haven't really used it recently."  It felt very sturdy even with carpet underneath.  If this big guy could handle its frame, it'd be a piece of cake for me. I asked him how much he wanted for it and also what we could do about delivery because a) I wouldn't be able to carry it into my house and b) it would not fit in my Fit.  "Oh, no problem.  You said you just live up the street so I could bring it to you in my Blazer sometime."  Whew, ok, we got that figured out.  The other loose end is the price.  "I'm not good with prices," he says.  I offered him $100.  That was the maximum that I was going to go with.  "I would be comfortable with that.  Only because you're so good spirited."  Well, of course! I'm not going to come into a stranger's house and disrespect them, especially when negotiating. 
I gave him my business card and while he went to get his own, I looked at the other stuff he was selling.  I saw a box of DVDs and I picked out 5 Disney DVDs for $10.  I put the Mary Poppins DVD up on its own listing on Ebay (it already got a few bids, currently at $17.49) and the rest as a lot of 4.  I felt a bit nostalgic while I was testing them out on my laptop's DVD player, especially with The Lion King.  I remember seeing the movie in the theater and I was just as horrified by the Mufasa/Scar scene in the beginning as I was back then.  Nonetheless, I was on the verge of tears at the end of the movie because it was so good.  Sigh, how silly. 

The guy gave me a call later in the afternoon to deliver the bike, so he was true to his word. :)
After the yard sale, I delivered some books that I didn't want anymore to the used book store.  Now there's some extra room in my bookshelf for my DVDs (they were getting crammed).  I guess it's my effort in paying it forward.  I can't go get all these great deals without giving others an opportunity to get a good deal on stuff too.

Alexandria Restaurant Week: Julie and I drove down to Alexandria to meet up with Robyn and Meg for dinner.  We went to the Wharf, what's seeming to be our go-to place when they have a Restaurant Week offering.   The restaurant did not disappoint.  The food was so good.  The pictures don't do the dishes justice.  It was hard to take good pictures since the dining room was a little dim.
Shrimp &"Blue Crab" Fritters
with spicy Sriracha Aioli
Wharf “Duo”
Lobster- Crabcake and All Lump Crabcake With corn okra relish and drizzled with Florida mustard sauce Served with garlic “Old Bay” fries
Wharf Chocolate Ecstacy
Rich chocolate torte drizzled with white chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis


June K said...

Great find on the spin bike. It's great you got it delivered to your house. Had you found one elsewhere not sure how you would have gotten it home. Is your eBay listings under KittyKatKards? I couldn't find it.

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