Thursday, August 15, 2013

Office Event at the Winery

In previous years, my office does a summer picnic, but this year they decided to switch things up and do a wine tasting event, specifically at The Winery at Olney.  I'm not a wine person, but HR said that there would be food to eat.  Food and socializing and not working at my computer was enough incentive for me to go.  There were 5 wines you could try and I tried the Moscato, as recommended by a co-worker who also wasn't really into wine.  I liked that it was sweet. 

Lisa, the HR director, wasn't drinking and I thought that was strange since HR was the department that organized this event.  She held up a bottle of water and said that she was going to be going to spin class. I told her that I'd be there too so it'd force me to go.

Spin class was good, and I'm glad that I went since I've been missing TH night classes lately because of laziness or travel.

After spin class, I went to Goodwill and found a bunch of GameCube games to resell.  I also spent some time to move some of the Stampin' Up items that I had in my Etsy shop to my Ebay site to see if they'll sell there.  Fingers crossed.

Song of the day: "The Wire"- Haim.  I heard this catchy number at spin today.


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