Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nintendo Entertainment System (continued)

When I got my used Nintendo Entertainment System and games on Sunday, I only spent time on cleaning the game cartridges.  I was too scared to open up the actual system to see if it needed cleaning.  What if I couldn't put it back together?!  After watching a few YouTube videos, I took a deep breath and unscrewed everything and opened up the system when I got home from work.  Wow, was it dusty!  I would have taken a picture, but it was really gross.  With a Swiffer duster, rubbing alcohol and Q-tips, I was able to get it back into a more acceptable shape.  It was even reading games better without as much jiggling around as Sunday. 

I went back to Goodwill after spin class to return Taboo, the eletronic version (the screen was not working when I put fresh batteries in it).  In exchange, I got some A/V wires that I will be keeping and a TI-82 calculator that I need to test out with fresh AAA batteries.  If it works, up on Ebay it goes!  I found a TI-83 Plus calculator but the battery compartment cover was missing and the battery slots have seen better days, I think.  That would have been an awesome find!

My Cinderella DVD that I bought last week sold tonight. Woot!

A part of me wishes that I got into this Ebay thing earlier...


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