Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beauty Day

When I went to ATL this past week and caught up with Page and her brother Brightman (briefly), Brightman was like "Aww, Tina's got white hairs!  How cute!"


I was horrified

Are they that apparent?

"Brightman!!"  Anyone that was standing in the parking lot probably heard me.  "What?  It looks fineee."

If he was some other male, I probably would have considered giving him a black eye or a death glare or a verbal chastising.  But since I consider him the brother I never had, I gave him a pass.

And promptly went to CVS today to get a box of hair dye to fix this problem, no matter how cute he thinks this problem is.  Truth be told, I had been holding this process off long enough.  It's been 5 months since the last time I dyed my hair. :P For my future reference, I used Nice 'N Easy, Natural Blue Black #124 today.

While I was to CVS (this was 2 separate CVSs and 2 separate transactions), I bought some other goodies since I came armed with a total of $23 in coupons (both in ExtraCare Rewards and manufacturer's coupons).  I basically paid half of what I would have if I didn't have the coupons.  It would make those people on Extreme Couponing proud.  I tried the foundation on this afternoon and it seems to blend in really well with my skin tone.  I'm excited to try out the eyeliner tomorrow.  I have this brand in blue and purple and those don't smudge one bit.  I should have gotten this kind a long time ago!


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