Saturday, August 3, 2013


I sacrificed my yard saling time this morning to sleep in, and it was totally worth it!

The trip to Baltimore with Meg and Robyn didn't go quite as planned.  When we got there, at 2:00 PM the Aquarium sign said that they were selling the 6:00 PM entry tickets.  Whoa.  We were not expecting so many people there.  4 hours was a lot of time to kill in between and even if we got in at 6, that meant that they were going to kick us out around 8:30 or 9 PM and we didn't want to rush around the exhibits.  We instead decided to go to the nearby Barnes and Noble and, with their help, I picked out this book for my friend's kid's baptism present.
We walked by this candy store that had these giant gummy bears.
And a Coast Guard ship...
We drove around to get to our final destination was G & M Restaurant, where Robyn said they had amazing crabcakes and dessert.  Oh, yes.  She was right.  Trying to get out of Baltimore was interesting.  We noticed there were quite a few people headed to the Baltimore Convention Center.  Some people were dressed up with full on wings, tail, and ears.  I used my phone to look up what event was going on. was a Brony convention.  o_0  Guys that like My Little Ponies.  No joke. 

I got the crabcake platter (the crabcake was like the size of a big fist), which came with a side salad and 2 sides (cauliflower and baked potato).  We went next door for dessert and I got a slice of the tiramisu and the red velvet cake for Julie and I to share later.  The waitress was telling us about how she just started a week ago and showed us a picture of her two kids.  When she asked about dessert and we told her about getting it to-go, she said that she tells herself every night that if she made enough money tonight, she'd buy herself a slice, but she always came out short.  I added a separate $5 bill to the tip for her cheesecake fund.  I don't know if her story was true or she was trying to get an extra tip, but if it was true, I helped someone tonight and if it's not, that's bad karma for her.
After dinner, we drove back to Robyn's place and hung out for a while until about 9:30 PM.  I headed to my parents' house and also my cousin's because Mom told me that a bunch of them were watching a movie downstairs.  It turned out to be the 2nd G.I. Joe movie, like the last 10 minutes.  Oops.


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