Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day Off, Day 2

Shopping: I went to a new thrift store, as recommended by a coworker.  I wondered why there were so many people there on a weekday morning, and then I quickly realized that it was because it was 25%  off customer appreciation day with a member card.  I didn't have a member card, but I figured since the prices were cheap and reasonable, I'd be happy with paying without the discount.  I ended up getting 50ish A2 size envelopes for $0.99 (perfect for sending cards out to friends) and 3 shirts (2 for $4.99 and 1 for $5.99).  I went up to register to check out and the cashier asked if I had a member card.  I told him no.  "Well, don't you want the discount?"  Well, yes, but I don't have a card.  "That's okay.  You can use someone else's card."  Oh, what, really?  I looked around to see if there was someone kind-looking so that I could awkwardly ask them if I could use their card.  The cashier asked a woman in the next line over if I could borrow her card.  She said...yes!  I hope good karma comes her way.

Nails: I tried out one of the nail polishes that I bought on Tuesday.  This is 2 coats of China Glaze's Hot Lava Love.  For some reason, I thought it'd come out a tad darker, but that's okay.  I think it'd work for all seasons.


June K said...

Congrats on your more good finds. Too funny about borrowing someone's card. Hey, whatever gets you the discount :).

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