Monday, August 26, 2013

RJ's Anniversary and Ceiling Fan Troubles

Happy 2nd anniversary, RJ!  Technically it was yesterday, but it kinda slipped my mind.  His arrival story is posted here.

At the "office": Today starts my full-time telework schedule while the office undergoes renovation.  There were some technical difficulties like my email and shared drive not working this morning, but I figured that was to be expected.  Within an hour, things were working better.  The IT folks spent all weekend moving stuff across the street, and I'm sure that was no easy feat.  RJ was clearly super thrilled that I'll be spending more time with him in the coming months.

Houseowner mishap: While I was fluffing up my bed, I hit the ceiling fan and broke one of the arms.  When the broken arm hit my bed, I was horrified.  I can't decide if it was more so at myself for pulling such a dumb move or just the situation.  So now, the fan is down to 4 arms instead of 5.  Crap.  I think I can get some replacement arms at the hardware store.  I hope this will be an easy solution.  Ugh.  I even thought to myself "watch out for the blades!"  I had that thought several times over the course of living here.  I knew it would happen at some point.  BLAH!  It could have been a lot worse.  Lesson learned.  For sure!


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